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PCB Technologies is a Total Solutions Provider for the PCB Industry, capable of delivering advanced technology to virtually every industry sector in quantities ranging from quick prototypes to large volume production.

We have a curated list of facilities for a range of capabilities. Our specialized capabilities and specifications are available in standard and advanced categories and include the below

Layer count ranges from 1 to 36 standard PCBs and upto 58 layers for advanced categories

Board thickness for standard PCBs ranges from .006″ to .235″ and upto .390″ for advanced

Min finished hole size for 8 mils and 6 mils for standard and advanced specifications

Surface finishing options for standard PCBs include Lead-Free HASL, Immersion silver, ENIG, Gold Fingers and OSP

For advanced PCBs, Lead HASL, Immersion Tin, ENIG + OSP, ENEPIG, Electrolytic Gold and Selective Gold are available

Cooper weight of 1-6 oz of standard and 1-10 oz for advanced categories

Trace/space width of 3.5/3.5 ml for standard PCBs and 2/2 ml for advanced PCBs

Class I and Class II are available for standard Class III for advanced PCBs

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